The Forbidden Corner

Well, what a fabulous day the Herons and Swans had at The Forbidden Corner in Yorkshire! After a long coach journey we arrived and could eventually eat our lunch (some of us had been asking since hitting the A65 at Kirkby Lonsdale!) Lunch done, we headed to the garden… no-one knew what to expect. Would it be scary? What will we see in there? Why does it look so mysterious? Will we find our way out again?

And we certainly weren’t disappointed. We were treated to endless opportunities providing awe and wonder, confusion, fear (!), excitement and endless giggles! We were prepared to get a little wet after we looked at the forecast for the day but not so prepared to get absolutely soaked… the numerous surprise water features seemed to attract all our adventurous Swans and Herons! Enthusiastic children and adults alike, a bit of sunshine, bravery, immaculate behaviour and a wonderful, mysterious garden to explore… a great day enjoyed by all!

Now that our imaginations are fired, we are ready to begin our new topic “Tell me a story”… watch this space to see what we get up to.

We hope you enjoy the photos!

One of our MANY lunch companions! The woodland picnic area was full of ducks and their gorgeous baby ducklings!






Come on Tess!




Careful Niamh!


“In the face!!”


A rather drippy Matilda.


Happy girlies in the sunshine 🙂


Trying to dodge the squirting frogs… run faster Logan!


And I thought I was being clever… sitting in a nice dry spot… NO! It’s not funny Eva!


Oh no! Here comes more water!


Soggy but happy!


Not sure if Nathan has dried out yet??


Dripping wet!


Go Eva!


We just call her… Determined Daisy!


Mia in for a soaking!


Go Niamh!


My little superstar reader… Cameron insisted on stopping and reading every quest plaque. Well done!


Who cares? We’re feeling brave and adventurous!


Yikes! Hold on Tess!



A surprise round every corner…



Following the stepping stones to who-knows-where?




You turn your back for a few seconds… and they squeeze in a spot of meditation around the fountain pool!


One of our favourites… need I say more?


A bit soggy… but still smiling Daisy!


Come and get us… we’re not wet enough yet!





2 responses to “The Forbidden Corner”

  1. Claire Kettlewell says:

    What a fabulous selection of photos looks like a great day. Mia said it was brilliant. Thank you so much for taking them.

  2. Barbara says:

    Joyful, meaningful, and full of learning!
    Well done!

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