Making Poo?

The Bitterns have had great fun this week learning all about the digestive system and what happens to the food we eat. After lots of giggling about the fact we were talking about poo in class, the bitterns then began learning about all the different organs that make up our digestive system and we made our own models to represent the role of each part

First stop, the mouth, we crushed the food just like what happens in our mouth and added some saliva (water!)

We “swallowed” the food down into our esophagus where it squeezed all the way down…

Into our stomach where it is mixed with acid (food colouring) We thought this made our food look like sick, which is funny beacuse that is exactly what sick is, food that has been mixed with acid in the stomach before coming back up the wrong way!

From the stomach our food traveled into the small intestine (Mrs Berry’s tights!) where things got really messy. We discovered that the liquid came out the side of the tights just like what happens in our intestines when all the nutrients are released into the blood steam (the red  bowl).

The last stop for our waste was the large intestine before gathering in the rectum and being released as poo.

As you can see it was a very messy afternoon but look at all those smiling faces, definitely one way to remember our foods journey!

One response to “Making Poo?”

  1. Barbara says:

    brilliant lesson!
    Imaginative, fun, and a wonderful way to learn.
    Well done!
    Barbara France
    (Daisy’s and Audrey’s Granny)

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