Watery Worlds

The clue is in the name, Watery Worlds is a whole school theme with a focus on water!

Early Years start off with thinking about polar regions and under the sea, this usually sparks individual interests and we end up following the children’s lead.

Key Stage One have a focus on the animals that live in Polar Regions and under the sea, they will begin to name different fish, amphibians and mammals. Key stage one will learn the names of the world’s continents and oceans and begin to familiarise themselves with a world map. We usually plan a trip to the Sea Life Centre for Early Years and Key Stage One during this term.

Year 3 and 4 look at the rainforests as well as Mayan civilizations, they build upon their previous learning of animals and introduce food chains and grouping animals. The Bitterns usually visit Wildlife Oasis during this topic.

Year 5 and 6 have a focus on rivers, locating rivers around the world using maps and atlases. There will be a short study on Ancient Egypt in the context of the famous River Nile and animal studies will include looking at how animal groups differ and reproduce. A visit to a local river is planned in to support learning this term.

These subject overviews show clearly how skills in each subject show progression in each stage, this ensures that when the theme is revisited skills are built upon rather than repeated.