Pupil Voice

At Silverdale St John’s we value Pupil Voice above all else.  This is a place for children and it is very important that their thoughts and opinions are heard and matter.
There are many different ways we ensure pupil voice is heard in school.  First and foremost, our children contribute to the direction of their learning.  Teachers encourage them to pose questions at the beginning of topics in order to find out what they want to learn about. This then forms the basis of the topic throughout each half-term.

We have an active School Council that is elected at the beginning of each school year.  They help the Head Teacher evaluate the school and put forward ideas for school development.  They effectively communicate the opinions of the pupils and ensure these are heard by those who need to listen!

We also have a Worship Council which helps to develop Collective Worship.  Members of this group meet regularly to discuss ideas for Worship and occasionally organise leadership.  Since forming the Worship Council in September, members have attended a Lancashire conference for Collective Worship and have brought back some great ideas.