At Silverdale St John’s we encourage our pupils to wear a uniform, helping them to realise that they are part of a special family and are one strong team, supporting one another as they grow.

Our uniform is:

  • Royal Blue sweatshirt, hoodie or cardigan*
  • White or pale blue polo shirt*
  • Dark grey trousers, shorts, skirts or pinafores
  • Smart, black school shoes

In addition to our uniform, we require each child to have a school bag*, to bring their reading books amongst other things to school safely and a water bottle*.

For PE, children are asked to wear shorts and a coloured PE t-shirt* to match their House Team’s colour.  You will be informed of what team your child is in as they start school.

We do not encourage jewellery to be worn for school, except for small stud earrings if ears are pierced.  These  need to be easily removed for PE lessons.

* All these items can be purchased from the school office and display our school logo.  We also have a range of other products such as book bags, back packs and water bottles.