We are very proud of our hard working staff – a team which works closely together to realise our vision for every pupil.



Head Teacher Sarah Sanderson
Foundation Stage Teacher Eleri Berry
Years 1 and 2 Teacher Sarah Knight
Years 3 and 4 Teacher (part time) Eva Baker
Years 5 and 6 Teacher Julia Jackson
Special Needs Coordinator Sarah Knight
Years 1 and 2 Teaching Assistant Sue Milligan
Year 1 and 2 Teaching Assistant Lisa Holmes
Year 3 and 4 Teaching Assistant Del Murphy
Year 5 and 6 Teaching Assistant Chantel Greenall
Office Administrator Jenny Taylor
Site Supervisor Angela Chatburn
Midday Supervisors Lisa Holmes
Welfare Assistants Chimene House
Karen Aldren
Sue Milligan
Breakfast Club Mia Croston
After School Club Mia Croston - Supervisor
Trudy Postlethwaite
(None of our staff earn more than £100,000)