Healthy School & Enrichment

Underpinning one of the main principles of our school’s mission, eating healthily (see our dinners page) and exercising regularly are an important part of our children’s day. Through our curriculum, school lunch provision and at our breakfast and afterschool clubs, we ensure that children experience a range of foods, sports and activities which will influence them in making healthy choices for the rest of their lives.


Extra-curricular clubs are available throughout the year and change depending on the season and the staff availability.  We encourage all to join our clubs and give them a go. Some clubs are for a specific age range and teams within some clubs are selected based on aptitude and enthusiasm.

We are pleased to offer the following clubs at different points throughout the year:

  • Football Club
  • Running Club
  • Gymnastics
  • Young Voices
  • Bleasdale Club
  • Gardening club
  • Golf Glub
  • Ukulele (a cost is incurred with this)
  • Coding
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Orinteering