School Improvement Plan

Every year we focus on key areas to make the school and the education experience we offer, even better for all of our children. We are constantly developing and identify priorities for improvement; we do this from the information we gain from school data, discussions with staff and governors, parents and children questionnaires and local and national initiatives.

Throughout the year we work on these areas, as well as other things that arise, regularly reviewing our progress. Each term an update will be provided on our progress in the school newsletter.

This year, because of COVID 19, we have continued some of our targets and added extra ones that we have identified as priorities.

The areas we are committed to developing and are therefore on our School Improvement Plan for 2021-22 are;


Additional Needs

Subject Leader roles

Extra curricular

To ensure a smooth transition for all children in Autumn 2020.
To raise standards in writing across the school.
To embed Relationships and Health Education into the curriculum.
To increase the children's awareness of, and acceptance of, diversity, focusing on the similarities and differences between people.