School Development Plan

Every year we focus on key areas to make the school and the education experience we offer, even better for all of our children. We are constantly developing and identify priorities for improvement; we do this from the information we gain from school data, questionnaires and local and national initiatives.

In the academic year 2016/17, our key improvement priorities are:

Key Priority 1 Develop a clear and accurate assessment procedure for all the foundation subjects in light of recent government changes.
Key Priority 2 To continue to develop the learning environment in the Early Years to encourage rich, varied and imaginative experiences for the children to benefit from.
Key Priority 3 To further strengthen pupil voice through the development and participation of Pupil Parliament, The School Council and The Worship Council.
Key Priority 4 Outcomes for children in Reading, Writing and Maths meet or exceed Year Group Expectations.
Key Priority 5 In line with expectations set out in the new NC for English, further develop approaches for the teaching of reading and writing across the school.