Sports Premium Funding

As a legacy to the London Olympics 2012, the Government provide all Primary Schools in the country with a substantial sum of money that is ring fenced for PE and Sports. This is fantastic for us as a school as it means our children access opportunities they may not otherwise be able to.

In this year the school received £16,580.

We are proud of the efforts we make to promote the physical and emotional well being of our pupils.

This year we have identified the needs of our pupils as:

  • All pupils provided with opportunities to be active, develop movement skills and enjoy movement on a daily basis
  • Daily Mile & incorporated Trim Trail
  • Mile a day & Well being walks Improved Mental wellbeing/social interaction.
  • Learning mapping skills through maths – cross curricular
  • Opportunities to engage in new sports and sign post children to local clubs.
  • CPD – Lancaster and Heysham SSN Attendance at Primary PE Conference
  • Lancashire PE app
  • Children exposed to outdoor learning.  Building confidence and resilience.
  • Children shown and trained in specific skills – rugby, netball, football.  Teams established according to ability, but also as confidence boosters
  • Children given training and ideas for the activities for playtime.  Children given opportunity to put in a wish list for equipment.
  • Opportunities to watch coaches in action – championing their sport and encouraging pupils to have ago
  • Encouraging the community to be involved in sports day – having fun together after lockdown (first sports day in 2 years)
  • Outdoor Gym equipment treadmill, cross trainer
  • Younger leaders award training
  • Opportunities for school to champion sports across all key stages. Have outside agencies in to deliver netball and football
  • Opportunities for sport specific and skill based sessions and then competition where appropriate.
  • Opportunity to compete against other local schools