Nursery & Reception

Welcome to the Swans and Cygnets class. We start here when we are 3 as a Cygnet in Nursery, when we start school in Reception we become Swans.

It is lovely getting to come to school before we start reception; we get to know the classroom and our teachers really well. When the time comes that we are ready to become Swans we find the transition really easy!

In our class the Swans and Cygnets work together in the morning. We have lots of lovely resources to play with and explore both inside and out and we have plenty of opportunities for free play. At our age we learn so much by playing with each other, how to communicate with our friends, how to solve problems and develop our fine and gross motor skills needed for us to grow and learn.

As well as lots of opportunities to play and explore we also have group activities with our teachers. These are usually phonics or maths based in the morning. We also love carpet time sessions where we listen to stories, have group discussions, sing songs and listen to one another.

We love sharing news in our class, so many exciting things happen outside of school and Mrs Berry loves it when we email her photographs that we can share in school with our friends.

We can access our class’ outdoor area all the time through our classroom door but we also have an outdoor play time everyday where we can enjoy our school grounds. We love getting the bikes and scooters out on our track as well as having the space to run around. We try and go outside whatever the weather so it is great if you keep a pair of wellies in school all the time.

At 12pm the Cygnets go home for the day and the Swans go for lunch. In the afternoon the Swans go next door to join in with the Herons.